Riky van Lint

Riky van Lint’s bronzes have clear characters. She creates elegant human figures. It is as if she draws with long clear and assured lines in a most gentle manner. Her models are close to perfection and have a reference to the Art Deco period. It is precisely the feel of perfection and seemingly languid lines in her work which make one look for the meaning of the sculptures. Indeed, Riky guides you to where she wants you to look for – the warmth, the rich scala of complex emotions which everyone recognises and relates to.

It is as if Riky van Lint tells her audience a story in clear, transparant, beautiful and well constructed sentences about human emotions.

Riky van Lint (1935) started her sculpting career at a relatively late age. She has had a lot of success and has been shown at the most prestigious art fairs such as TEFAF. Her work has been incorporated in private collections all over Europe.