Natasja Bennink

Bennink, Natasja

Ons dagelijks brood


Bennink, Natasja

Nachtschade (schets)


Bennink, Natasja



Bennink, Natasja

just a perfect day (schets)


Bennink, Natasja

Lief buikje


Bennink, Natasja

Koester de begeerte


Bennink, Natasja

Just a perfect day


Bennink, Natasja

Burgers van Calais


Bennink, Natasja

Het muzekind


Bennink, Natasja

Ik heb lief gehad


Bennink, Natasja

Ik en mijn Minnaar IV


Bennink, Natasja

Kom drinken, kom eten


‘My goal is to make sculptures that communicate with the viewer. It’s important for me that people can relate to the bronzes on a personal level. That my work provokes a reaction, an unexpected response that leaves an indelible impression.’
Natasja Bennink is not misled by the outward appearance of her models. With a raw and unconventional touch, she portrays, mostly women, with disconcerting directness, resulting in a new and poignant beauty. She exposes their inner resistance, their fears, their intimacy and, in doing so, touches upon their vitality.

She studied and graduated in 1999 from the Academy Minerva Groningen. She specialised in scupltures. Her work has been showed in multiple expositions. She made works in commision for The Rijks Universiteit Groningen en de citycouncil of Assen. Her work is to be found in the Drent Museum, de Stichting Beeldende Kunst Amsterdam, Bisdom Groningen en the Academic Hospital of Groningen.

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