Zamboni, Alberto

Confine I


Zamboni, Alberto

Confine II


Zamboni, Alberto



Zamboni, Alberto

Fuochi al confine


Zamboni, Alberto



Zamboni, Alberto



Zamboni, Alberto

Ore Piccole


Alberto Zamboni paints in oil on linnen and uses monochromatic colours. There are no fixed outlines and light and shade are playing an unusual game – they seem to replace each other unnoticably, as if by accident.

 When looking at Zamboni’s paintings one is tempted to step into them, becoming part of the scene which opens up. It is a world where there are no limits. The onlooker becomes part of a world where nothing is defined. One is thrown back on oneself. There are no borders, giving an absolute freedom and therefore making one look for ones’ personal boundaries.

When travelling in Alberto Zamboni’s paintings, there is ample space to look for one’s self-imposed restrictions. Alberto gives you space to wander and question these, find new unchartered ways and to look afresh at every day life where all seems delimited and distinct.

Alberto Zamboni (1971) graduated from the Academy of art of Bologna. Paintings by him are part of private as well as public colloection. His work has been shown at the Venetian Bienale, Art Basel and other important art shows. Whereas his work is mainly represented in Italy, Zamboni’s work also forms part of collections in other countries.

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