Gerard van de Weerd

Weerd, Gerard van de

De Rode Stoel II


Weerd, Gerard van de

Invallende dooi


Weerd, Gerard van de

Zomer in Friesland


Weerd, Gerard van de

De Auditie


Weerd, Gerard van de

Atelierbezoek II


Gerard van de Weerd enjoys working with oil paints, the colour intensity and expressivenes are so much better he feels. Oil paints allow more “reduction”. The art of not showing details, the abstaction of reality and maintaining the image and feel. It keeps attracting him and Gerard keeps experimenting.
Gerard plays with the paint as a material, applying it thickly, partially removing is, working in many layers which merge. 

Where colours are his leading motive, composition is only of a little lesser importance. Playing with empty spaces, combined with his abstraction create an interensting tension in his work, heightened by his masterful painting of light and warmth.

Gerard van de Weerd (1952) studied at the Minerva Academy. His work forms part of many international privarte collection and also a number of public collections.