Hélène Legrand

Hélène Legrand

Bourrasque et flots

Hélène Legrand

Cormorans branche sèche

Hélène Legrand

A pic à la Hague

Hélène Legrand wants to provide a shelter for unique and precious elements of nature and indeed of mankind. She paints with egg-tempera, and old technique which creates rich and soft colours. By painting Hélène captures what would otherwise perish.  By doing so, contradictorily,  she creates a new present. Her paintings challenge us to bridge the ever changing gap between the past and our present. It is a challenge to feel as well as rationalise.

Hélène Legrands paintings might capture what is beautiful, but het sense of beauty encompasses also the harsh and difficult.Her paintings might give contradictory feelings, as contradictory as her treatment of present and past.

The quality of Hél`ne Legrands work ha snot gone unnoticed.  Her work has been represented by galleries in various European countries and has been shown in a number of French museums.  This year, 2018, the artist has been nominated as Navel Artist of the French Marine. It is a prestigious, rich and old tradition in which she is the third woman painter allowed to sail a whole year with the navy and paint what she will see on her voyages. Gallery De Twee Pauwen hopes to present her works made in this year in our gallery in 2019.