Meg den Hartog


Hartog, Meg den



Hartog, Meg den

De Bril


Hartog, Meg den

De Gouden Pauw


Hartog, Meg den



Hartog, Meg den

Magisch zakdoekje


Meg den Hartog’s carreer is an a-typical one, she has a very diverse professional past. The common denominator in all her activities has always been her interest in human nature and psychology. Her professional experience encompasses personnel- and change-management, homeopathy, food-expertise, psycho-neuro-immunology. In addition Meg did studies in the field of psychology, astrology and tarot. 

Drawing has always been Meg den Hartog’s most important hobby and she has now been able to make drawing and painting her major professional activity. Poen de Wijs was quick to recognise Meg’ extraordinary talent to – above all – paint portraits.

Her technical agility to paint allowed her to “catch” the psyche which she has learned to discern so well during het professional life.

Poen de Wijs played an important role in Meg’s development as a painter. One recognizes the hand of the master. However, Meg has developed her own clear vision and her own techniques. She has achieved a remarkable high level and she deserves to be followed closely.

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