Maria de Gier


Maria de Gier brings people into the picture with simple, powerful compositions. The tactility and emotional purity of her figures make the viewer sensitive to what Maria constantly reads in everyday life. The human body becomes a story. She directs her viewer along a light and shady path of melancholy and warmth, exploring the boundary between dream and reality. Her work is often called ‘intense’.

It wants to overwhelm with a crisp power. Simultaneously integrate with a subtle vulnerability. Through exciting colors and a modern, very own figurative aesthetic, she shows her vision of the human psyche, female power, physical, intimacy, sadness and thoughtfulness.

Maria de Gier was born in 1986. She started drawing at a very young age and then developed her business entirely self-taught. To broaden her horizons, she studied illustration and cartoon drawing at the Sint Lucas art academy in Ghent. The following years she developed her love for photography and video and made graphic work in the form of etchings and lithography. Her work has been shown at various international festivals and exhibitions. Eventually she ended up with painting, in which she can bringtogether all facets of the visual medium to depict her stories.