Iris Frederix

The work of Iris Frederix is intruiging. Her themes and also her colorscheme refers to the 19th century romantisism. But looking carefully her technique is less elaborate. And this is compensated by all her female shapes that are on her works. De full color used are fresh and bright and that makes her paintings easy to see. But her themes are subject of now a days issues. She dares to show a woman in all her delight. In a form that would fit herself. In this sense her works are studies of female delight.

That makes it so much different from a male artist who paints the same subject. A female gaze telling us what delights a woman can experience. The artist is a strong woman not bothered by telling you what she likes. Not bothered telling the viewer what can please a woman.
Iris Frederix (1981) studied at the Royal Acadmey of The Hague. Her works is in private an company collections.