Galerie Terms&Conditions

Adres van De Twee Pauwen
Oranjestraat 1/Noordeinde

2514 JB Den Haag, Holland

Open tijd
woensdag – zaterdag 11:00 – 17:00 uur

zondag 13:00 – 17:00 uur
En op afspraak

T.:  070-39 25 443 Gallery

M.: 06-212 37 253 (Lucas van Hasselt)
M.: 06-429 59 025 (Peter Vendevielle )
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About Us

Fine art gallery De Twee Pauwen presents figurative, contemporary art of outstanding quality. We co-operate with artists who have developed a high level of technical skills, which they use to create artworks representing their own visionary world.  The gallery  works together with artists of fame, from The Netherlands, West- and Eastern Europe. We have longstanding relationships with many of them and when we invite new artists it is also with the aim to work together for many fruitful years.  

Over the years the gallery owners have obtained a good understanding of the contemporary art world. Based on this knowledge we assist private and professional collectors by purchasing and placing objects of art in their private of public environments.

The gallery is based in The Hague, The Netherlands, in the historical town center, close to major museums. The street where the gallery is housed, Het Noordeinde, is home to many art galleries and art dealers.

The gallery owners:

Fine Art Gallery De Twee Pauwen was founded in 1991. Lucas van Hasselt en Jan Hylkema have been the owners since 2007. Peter Vendevielle has recently taken the place of Jan Hylkema.

Lucas van Hasselt has studied International Law and worked for 25 years in the field of international public and European law. Taking over the gallery has allowed him to work full time in the fields of his private interests: fine arts.

Peter Vendevielle originally worked in the field of education. With his degree in Fine Arts from the University of Leiden he is the academic as well as artisitc guide for the gallery.


Viktoriya Shydlouskaya is artist and works at free lance basis for the gallery, responsible for  gallery informatics and design.