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8 july – 2 September 2018

Museale Kunst
Group exhibition with works by our artists.

“Art for museums” is an expression often used but the more one thinks about it, the weirder the expression becomes. Is art ” good”  because it is placed in a museum? Is an artwork worth more because it is shown in a museum? Really, the point of view as to whether art is good is up to you – and you alone. Surely a museum curator can help you, as a “Curator”  of a fine art gallery who shows you art which is particularly interesting for whatever reason. But it is you who values an artwork on merits that are yours to decide. 

Opening: Sunday, July 8 at 3.00 pm

Niels Smits van Burgst
“Conde Museum, Chantilly”
oil on linen, 150 x 200 cm
Margot Homan
De Stilte II”

bronze, h 119 cm
Dinie Boogaart
“Fallen angel”
mixed media, 140 x 200 cm